Annmarie Lanesey


2004 MFA Electronic Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.
2001 BS in Electronic Media Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.


2009 Researching New York: Perspectives on Empire State History; Albany, NY.

2009 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs, AR.

2009 21st Century Celebration of Light & Art; Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY.

2009 Iowa City International Documentary Festival, Iowa City, Iowa.

2009 Eyeam: Women Behind the Lens. Anthology Film Arhcives; NYC.

2009 Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival (FLEX FEST); Gainesville FL.

2009 Sand Lake Arts Center, West Sand Lake, NY.

2008 Researching New York: Perspectives on Empire State History; Albany, NY.

2008 Cucalorus Film Festival; Wilmington, NC.

2008 FilmColumbia Festival of Film; Chatham, NY.

2008 NYC Video_Dumbo; Dumbo Arts Center, Willamsburg, NYC.

2008 Hudson Valley Community College; Troy, NY.

2008 WMHT Studios TvFilm Launch Screening; Troy, NY.

2008 Visual Resources Association; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY.

2008 TvFILM; Think! TV. Cable broadcast across upstate New York.

2008 Sittin’ on a Million at the Spectrum 8 Theatres. Albany, NY.

2008 TvFILM; WMHT / PBS. Albany, NY. July 17, 19.

2008 Sittin’ on a Million Premiere Party at The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY.

2008 ElderHostel, Troy, NY.

2008 Trojan Pony Tour at: RENDEZ-VOUS, Turner Falls, MA.

2008 Alternative Cinema Series; Colgate University, Hamilton, NY. 2008 Trojan Pony Tour at: Issue Project Room. Brooklyn, NY.

2008 Trojan Pony Tour at: Time & Space Limited. Hudson, NY.

2007 Studio Soto, Boston, MA.
2007 Axiom Art. Jamaica Plains, MA.
2007 The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY.
2007 Fast Women. Boston CyberArts Festival, 119 Gallery, Boston, MA.
2007 8th of March. Fifty One Third, Troy, NY.
2006 Reel Shorts. Saratoga County Arts Council at the Arts Center. Saratoga, NY.
2006 Images and Views of the Alternative Cinema. Nicosia, Cyprus.
2006 Modified Arts. Phoenix, AZ.
2006 Zacheta National Gallery of Art. Warsaw, Poland.
2006 Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery. Krakow, Poland.
2005 Public Spaces, Coolidge Theatre, presented by Judi Rotebnberg Gallery & Videospace, Boston, MA.

2005 The Substation. Singapore.
2005 Video Kont. Galeria Kont. Lublin, Poland.
2005 Central Cinema. Seattle, Washington.
2005 Subterranean Cinema Nacoghoches. Nacoghoches, Texas
2005 Axiom Theatre. Houston, TX.
2005 Video Art Festival – Obsession, Galerie-x, Istanbul, Turkey.
2005 Independent Exposure, Microcinema International, San Francisco, CA.
2005 University Film Series, International Shorts, California State University, Chico, Department of Arts, CA.
2005 WRO 05 11th International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland.

2005 Corriente Hipermediatica Experimental Latinoamericana (cheLA), Museo de Arte Modern, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2005 EiEi Encuentro Internacional de Espacios Independientes, Huffmans House, Valparaiso, Chile.
2005 Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2004 Fringe Short Film Festival, Big Love Gallery, Göteborg, Sweden.
2004 III International Show of Video Art of Alcoi, Valenica, Spain.
2004 Eye Candy and Contemplation, California Institute of Art, Orange County, CA.
2004 How Can You Resist, LA FREEWAVES Festival of Film, Video & New Media, RedCat Theatre, Los Angelos, CA.
2004 Economical Food Circus: The Troy Art Show, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA.
2004 Detour, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA.
2004 Synaesthesiologists, Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center & Rothko, NYC.
2004 HotWater, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.
2004 The Joy of Lying Down in Other People’s Backyards, SPACELab, SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, OH.
2004 Videomute, Rotenberg Gallery, Boston, MA.
2003 Select Media Festival, Ghost and the Video, Chicago, IL.
2003 Margin Release, West Hall Galleries, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.
2003 VIPER Basel International Festival for Film, Video and New Media, Basel, Switzerland.
2003 Kansk International Video Festival, Kansk, Russia.
2003 Post Video Art
2003 Firefly, The Arts Center, Troy, NY.
2003 Do You? Video Works by Annmarie Lanesey, Gallery RIVAA, NYC
2003 Roque Element, West Hall Galleries, Troy, NY
2003 Pavilion: skillshare, forum, picnic, Riverfront Park, Troy, NY.
2003 VideoBeat, 7th International Video Festival VideoMedeja, Novi Sad, Yugolslavia.
2003 UNCUT, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK.
2003 Alternating Currents, Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY.
2003 X/Fest: X/iterate. REMOTE. NYC.
2003 Digitalis 2:The Spiritual in Digital Art. The Evergreen Cultural Centre. Vancouver, Canada.
2003 Boston Loop Festival. Zeitgeist Gallery. Cambridge, MA.
2003 Visual Affect. REMOTE, NYC.
2002 On Again, Off Again. West Hall Galleries. Troy, NY.
2002 Annmarie Lanesey & Doug VanNort: video art & electronic noise. Miss Mary's ArtSpace, Albany, NY.
2002 Skin, I/O: a public video art program. Quotidian Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
2002 Analogic Sensations: Festival of Expanded Media. Gallery RIVAA, NYC.
2002 Troy International Biannual Blowout of Post-Modern Masterworks. West Hall Galleries. Troy, NY.
2001 Streams: New Electronic Art. Fulton Street Gallery and ACCR: The Arts Center, Troy, NY.
2001 Cathedral. Galapagos Art Space. Brooklyn, NY.
2001 The Human Factor: The Body in Life, Medicine and Art. Fulton Street Gallery. Troy, NY.
2001 Capstone. ACCR: The Arts Center. Troy, NY.
2001 The Pliable Idea. Shelnut Gallery. Troy, NY.
2000 Capstone. iEAR Space. Troy, NY.
2000 Fence Show 2000. ACCR: The Arts Center, NYC.
2000 Procedures De Evacuation: Pneumatic Art and Architectures. RPI. Troy, NY.

2009 Most Badass Award. Iowa City International Documentary Festival, Iowa City, Iowa.

2007 LEF Foundation’s Moving Image Fund Production Grant

2007 Experimental Television Center Finishing Funds Production Grant

2005 Official Selection, 11th International Media Art Biennale. Wroclaw, Poland.

2004 Grand Prix 'Palm Secateur D'or,' Kansk International Video Festival, Kansk, Russia.

2003-2004 Fellowship, RPI, Troy, NY.

2002-2003 Teaching Assistantship. RPI, Troy, NY.

2001-2002 Research Assistantship, RPI, Troy, NY.

2001 Grants-In-Aid, International Film Seminars. Digital Flaherty Film Seminar.

2000 Founders Award of Excellence, RPI, Troy, NY.

Artist in Residence
2001 Cell Culture: The function of art, technology and scientific research in cultural practice, Arteleku, San Sebastian, Spain May 2-June 15. A platform for extensive and continuing associations with fellow artists and scientists in the search of definition, explanation, and meaning of artworks dealing with scientific research promoting in-depth discussion of the way science and technology increasingly shapes culture.

2000 Zombies and Cyborgs: Absent, Involuntary and Automated Bodies, residency with Stelarc. BOOK/ENDS Conference, State University at Albany, ACCR: The Arts Center.

2009 Cooper, Robin. The Business Review. Albany, NY. February 20. Got Multimedia? How an architecture firm went after a new market.

2008 DiNicola, Dan. Schenectady Gazette. Schenectady, NY. July 16. Film Tells Little About Troy Madame.

2008 Caprood, Tom. The Record. Troy, NY. June 16. Mame Faye gets her place in Troy history

2008 Troy's Famous Lady of the Night. Channel 13 News WNYT. Albany, NY. June 14.

2008 Ormsbee, Tracy. Five Noteworthy Regional Artists You Ought to Know About. Times Union. Albany, NY.

2008 The Al Roney Show. Radio Interview WGY 810 AM. June 13.

2008 Furfaro, Danielle. Times Union. Albany, NY. June 13. A Legend Remade.

2008 Foss, Sara. Schenectady Gazette. Schenectady, NY. June 13 .The Worth Seeing Department Life & Arts Blogs

2008 Entertainment "Pick" of the Week Metroland. Albany, NY. June 12.

2008 TV Interview: Mame Faye SACC-TV, Schenectady, NY. 06/06/08

2008 Furfaro, Danielle. Times Union. Albany, NY. April 25. Scene and Heard: Troy Madame on Film.

2008 All Over Albany. Albany, NY. Sittin’ on a Million: Mame Faye Premiere Announced.

2007 All Over Albany. Albany, NY. Mame Faye: The Inside Scoop of Troy’s Second Most Famous Figure.

2007 Foss, Sara. Schenectady Gazette. Schenectady, NY. August 12. Filmmakers Creating 'Monument' to Infamous Mame Faye.

2007 Seiler, Casey. Times Union. Albany. NY. August 3. Scarlet Women of the Collar City.

2007 Caggianelli, Kathryn. Troy Record. Troy, NY. July 30. The Many Faces of Mame Faye.

2007 Flint, David. The Eastwick Press. Stephentown, NY. June 8. “Sittin’ on a Million” – Mame Faye and Troy’s Red Light District.

2006 Interview with WGY 810 AM's Al Rooney. Albany, NY. Discussion on Mame Faye Documentary.

2006 O'Brien, Tim. Times Union. Albany, NY. Filmmakers Focus on Troy Madam: Two friends making documentary about the history of Mame Faye.

2006 News Channel Ten - WTEN, Albany, NY. Television News Story. August 13.

2005 Chicago Reader. Chicago, IL. Select Media Festival 2: The Ghost and the Video.

2003 Digitalis 2: The Spiritual in Digital Art; Vancouver, BC. Interview for Digitals Radio

2001 Times Union. Albany, NY. Under the Fence.

2005 Independent Exposure Autumnal Edition, Compilation DVD, Black Chair Label, Microcinema International.
2004 The Getting Started Guide. Master's Thesis. Masters of Fine Art. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY.
2003 Viper Basel ReadyMade CustomMade Festival Catalogue.
2003 The Sugarcane Letter. "The Chainletter tapes are private tapes for sleuthy women seeking proof of what they've already seen and evidence of more. This is GirlCulture: No Stammer No Glammour." Produced by Joanie 4 Jackie.
2000 Art @ RPI Video Series: Framed and Female, A limited edition video series of 100 videos for sale after airing on PBS affiliate WMHT. Contained works: Changing Faces, and Frames. Produced and Co-Curated.

2002 Producer, The Library of Maps: An Opera in Many Parts, West Hall Auditorium, Troy, NY, An experimental opera and collaborative venture between Pauline Oliveros and Moira Roth, based on Roth's stories and Oliveros' experimental music compositions, including live electronic music, video installations and a specialized camera that produces sound by tracking the motion of the performers.
2002 Producer, The Joy of Lying Down in Other People's Backyards, ongoing public performance.
2001 Technical Producer, Capstone, ACCR: The Arts Center, Troy, NY.
2000 Producer, Framed and Female, presentation at EAPS: Electronic Arts Performance Series, iEAR Studios, Troy, NY.
2000 Producer, Framed and Female, PBS Broadcast, WMHT, Albany, NY.

2007 Little Cuts:Video Experiments, Shorts and Installations. Albany Art Department student video projects, curated by Annmarie Lanesey and Aryn Zev.
2007 The Coconut Museum: Jesse Stiles & Ross Goldstein, an evening of metaphysical pop songs, sonic installations, and improvised electro-accoustic hullabaloo
The Coconut Museum features songs from Ross Goldstein's surrealist Americana record "Trail Songs" as well as songs from Jesse Stiles' EP of experimental pop songs "The Target Museum."  The performing ensemble combines traditional acoustic and custom-built electronic instruments.  The Coconut Museum takes place beneath inflatable light-emitting sonic installations which themselves form part of the meta-orchestra.  The Coconut Museum will be performed on Saturday, June 9 at the Arts Center in Saratoga Springs.
2007 Faces of the Ones that Lived: New Photo works by Garrett Allen and Rachelle Menshikova; As Part of Troy Night out March and The Vacant Storefront Artists Program; inspired by Allen & Menshikova's works as shown together and in reference to the generations of families that are survivors of the Holocaust, or any person that has survived a great lesson of life.
2007 A Strangelove: New Video works by Jesse Stiles and Olivia Robinson, Troy Night Out March- April, Flavour Café, Troy, NY. A Strangelove is a curated video program of artworks for the Flavour café video gallery produced by Olivia Robison and Jesse Stiles individually, and the two together collaboratively. With Jesse’s trance building rhythms of minutia and Olivia’s eye for the uncanny, combined with their passion for each other and for video making, making for a sweet site to behold.
2003 Between Propositions, Gallery 111, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. September 15-30, 2003.

Between Propositions explores the process of in-betweens exposing the ever-shifting magnetism of the present and change. Between Propositions is the inaugural exhibition in Gallery 111 and accompanies the iEAR Presents! Michael Snow screening of Corpus Callusum. The curatorial vision for Between Propositions stems from Corpus Calussum's emphasis on between's and metamorphosis, showcasing works from iEAR's diverse community.
2003 Vertical Video Vertical Video includes 43 works by 37 artists on three programs - Digression Session, PlayTime, and ChumChains:VideoLinks. The works presented in this video art exhibition explore a diverse range of visual strategies including performed video mixing, documentation, animation, experimental narrative, and video art fun by artists from around the globe currently working with the exciting medium of video! Many of the included videos were selected from a group of submissions responding to an open call for works.
2002 ChumChains: VideoLinks Selecting video works by the esteem of friends. Three artists are chosen, they then choose their faves, who then choose their faves! Exhibition of international video art works at Blip Gallery, Troy, NY.

2007 Adjunct Faculty, State University at Albany. Art Department. Introduction to Video: Postproduction is a course investigating art making through the medium of video. Taking a broad look at what defines "video art", this course will incorporate criticism with production, looking at questions such as truth versus fiction, personal responsibility, community involvement, the efficacy of video intervention and the authority of mass media, students will be asked to produce a range of video arts works questioning conventional video art styles, using radical and interventionist techniques. Students view and theorize historical and contemporary video art works including cinema verité, propaganda, performance art for video, ethnographic films, "home movies," reality TV, tabloid news, autobiographical and activist videos.
2006 Adjunct Faculty, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Department of Arts. Rethinking DOcumnetary, a production course investigating documentary and non-fiction flim/video. Taking a broad look at what defines "documentary" media, this course incorporates criticism with production by looking at such questions as truth versus fiction, personal responsibility, community involvement, the efficacy of video intervention and the authority of mass media. The course integrates the teaching of technical skills (particularly videotape production), with the study of history and theory of independent and alternative film/video art making. Through readings, discussions and screenings of works, students develop critical tools to analyze documentaries and "non-fiction" experimental media art.
2005 Adjunct Faculty, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Department of Arts. Intermediate Digital Imaging, a hands-on studio course exploring the use of computer technologies in making visual art. A study of contemporary issues in digital media and photography facilitates individual innovation and experimentation. Digital imaging and input/output techniques are employed in terms of giving visual form to ideas and personal expression in private and public settings.

2003 Teaching Assistant, Media Arts Studio: Audio/ Video, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. An introduction to the technical and conceptual foundations of video and audio media art forms. Students learn basic recording and editing techniques and develop critical listening and viewing skills. Individual and group projects are created and critiqued in class with a final public presentation of work at the end of the semester.
2002 Teaching Assistant, Media Arts Studio: Imaging and Interactivity, Arts Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. An introductory course exploring digital photography, Web design, and interactive multimedia in making art. Students broaden their understanding of the media and expand visual awareness and design skills. Inquiry and experimentation are encouraged, leading towards the development of the skills and techniques needed to create visual art with electronic media.
1998 Reading Teacher, America Reads! Troy City School District, School # 2. Weekly reading sessions with "at risk" inner-city students to help improve their reading comprehension skills amd promote literacy.

Professional Experience
2003- Present. Mulitmedia Project Manager. Morse Zehnter Associates. Troy, NY. Multimedia Project Manager. Coordinate the in-house development and production of multimedia presentations and exhibits relating to project engagements for architectural/environmental consulting firm. Incorporate photo, video, audio, and animation capabilities. Develop and administer website.
1999-Present. Multimedia Consultant. Troy, NY. Recent Clients Include: ArtSci2002 New Dimensions in Collaboration: an International Symposium, NYC; American Museum of Natural History and CUNY Graduate Center, New York; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; Schnectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, Schnectady, NY;, Troy, NY; Aria Artists, NYC; Independent projects: videotaped, edited and produced video works with graphics and audio for clients on contract basis.
2000-20001, Troy- New York, NY.
ArtBase Virtual Researcher, 9/00-01 Researched and Compiled database of internet artists and projects to be added to the ArtBase, an online database of historically significant new media art projects. Assisted ArtBase director in digital archiving processes of new media art.
Communications Assistant, Summer 2000 Developed and Maintained Press List. Drafted Press Releases. Maintained Press Files/Press Kit. Researched and Developed AdSwap Partnerships. Maintained Website. Assisted with Events E-Mailings. Assisted with Annual Fundraising Event.
2000 “Framed and Female", PBS Producer, Editor, Graphic Designer of program. Albany, NY. Produced, Directed, and edited, 60-minute broadcast television program surrounding issues of representation of women in media; in collaboration with local PBS affiliate WMHT for broadcast on January 22, 2000. Curatorial experience, professional experience in on-line editing, edited program in off-line edit in preparation for online, created the final Edit Decision List, designed video cover for distribution. Premiered in a Rensselaer Electronic Art Performance Series event (currently iEAR Presents!)
1999 ArtsLink Fellow Collaboration, Danica Dakic, Web Development. Troy, NY. Developed online representation of video and mixed- media installations exploring associations with architecture and the human body.
1999 Exit Art/ The First World, New York, NY. Web and Multimedia Intern, Design and layout of advertising documents for traveling gallery exhibitions, and logos for national and international mailings; video editing for online streaming of video art exhibitions. Designed and maintained gallery website.
1997-200 iEAR Studios, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Equipment Room Technician, Responsible for maintenance and loaning of a variety of professional digital video cameras, projectors, video and audio mixers, digital audio recorders, microphones, 35 mm cameras, lighting kits, and computer equipment to be used for student projects.

Community Work

2010 GenNext Steering Committee - Programming; Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, Albany, NY.

2009-1010 Executive Committee: VP Public Relations; Lunchtime Toastmasters Club, Albany-Colonie regional CHmaber of Commerce, Albany, NY.

2009-2010 Small Business Council Steering Committee; Albany-Colonie Regional Chmaber of Commerce, Albany, NY.

2009-2010 WMHT – RISE, Volunteer weekly radio producer for visually impaired, Tro, NY.

2009-2010 Young Philanthropists Institute, Stakeholder’s Foundation, Albany, NY.

2009-2010 Co-Chair Corrections Committee, Liaison to Renssealer County Jail, to organize community speakers at jail, Troy, NY.

2007-2008 Executive Committee: VP Public Relations; Uncle Sam Toastmasters, Troy, NY.

Lectures & Presentations
2009 August 17. Albany Colonie Regional Chmaber of Commerce – Business Referral Group 4. “What is Multimedia,” Albany, NY.

2008 November 20-21. Researching NY Conference, SUNY Albany, NY.

2008 March 26. Guest Lecturer “Mame Faye’s Place.” Greenbush Historical Society. East Greenbush, NY.

2007 November 13. Guest Lecturer “Mame Faye’s Place.” West Sand Lake Historical Society. West Sand Lake, NY.

2007 November 15. Guest Lecturer: “Mame Faye’s Place.” Lansingburgh Historical Society. Troy, NY.

2007 June 15. Guest Lecturer: “Mame Faye’s Place.” Stephentown Historical Society. Stephentown, NY.

2007 Guest Lecturer: “Creative Possibilities when Integrating CAD with Multimedia Presentations,” Microcomputer Drafting / Computer Aided Drafting Course, Hudson Valley Community College. Troy,NY.

2005 Guest Lecturer: Intermediate Video Art. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY.

Pauline Oliveros Distinguished Professor of Research Arts Department Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street Troy, NY 12180 518-276-8765
Kathy High Chair, Arts Department, & Associate Professor of Video and New Media , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street Troy, NY 12180 518-276-4778

Single Channel

Spinning With and Without Lucy (0:57, 2007)
Garden (Lessons in Learning to Love) (9:57, 2006)
Girls for Sale (4:54, 2004)
Closet Sitter for Loving Closets (18:20, 2004)
Getting Off (4:10, 2003)
Smurfette’s Stalation (6:00, 2003)
Shake Your Love (Showgirls) (2:37, 2002)
SPLASH! (Lessons in Learning to Swim) (5:45, 2002)
The Joy of Lying Down in Other People’s Backyards (59:00, 2001)
SunSations (3:20, 2000)
The Old Man and the Spring (4:59, 1999)
Closet Sitter for Loving Closets (2003)
Hiding Places (2003)
UCK (2003)
The Joy of Lying Down in Other People’s Backyards (2001)
SPLASH! (Lessons in Learning to Swim) (1999)

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